The Campaign Manager

Mobile Advertising and Marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors with an estimated total market value of USD 150 billion by 2013. The mobile channel enables one-to-one and one-to-many marketing opportunities letting brands form personalized relationships with their customers. Marketers recognize this and want to harness the complete potential of mobile marketing and advertising. However, they need mobile marketing solutions that help create interactive campaigns and reach out to mobile consumers across geographies.

Elita’s Interactive ICM Interactive Campaign Management Platform is specifically designed to enable marketers create and manage mobile campaigns. ICM enables a fast set-up and launch of direct marketing campaigns, product promotions, competitions, quizzes, auctions or voting campaigns.

Brands can entertain, communicate and deliver information to their customers across mobile, web and TV to build brand and product awareness, acquire customers or generate revenue. The Campaign Management platform is supported by a complete MIS and reporting tool which can help track responses, measure effectiveness and allow management of an entire campaign in-house. The ICM can easily integrate mobile services into new or existing advertising or marketing campaigns. Marketers can test, launch, control and monitor campaigns, measure effectiveness of their campaigns and see a real return on investment. Marketers with ICM can now generate brand awareness, brand recall and build brand loyalty. ICM provides connectivity to mobile consumers through SMS, USSD, MMS, 3G, Voice and LBS. Online payment is also available.

Vote Ideal way to capture the customer’s expression of preference, desire, will, wish, opinion or choice in the varied products and services available
Ex: Which TV program would you want to be aired this Friday night? A) Blockbuster Movie B) Live Rock Show C) Formula1 Racing D) Standup comedy show
Quiz Interactive game/mind sport, for the customers to answer multiple questions on a plethora of topics thus increasing brand recall
Ex: Quiz to promote the latest blockbuster movie. Who are the actors, music director, director etc. Winners will win exclusive tickets to the premier show
Auto Responder Convert all customer enquiries to lead generation and as a product/service feedback mechanism
Ex: Thank you for your interest in our new products. Our sales representative will get in touch with you shortly 
Text to mail                 Obtain customer responses through SMS’s into your mailbox and manage them in real time
Ex: Radio Jockeys can use this service to play out requests on a busy day
Subscription Manager Generate awareness on your product/service portfolio or vend content by sending regular alerts.
Ex: Content providers can use this service to vend news, cricket news, jokes, horoscope alerts etc.
M Vouchers Send instant customizable vouchers to all customers on demand and build brand loyalty
Ex: Get 30% off on a pair of Jeans by showing the coupon number message at the Denim Store 
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