The M3UA software module is part of the Protocol Software SIGTRAN suite that has been designed for Convergence, Wireless and Intelligent Networks. M3UA is a SIGTRAN protocol designed to transport SS7 MTP-3 signaling stacks over an IP Network. M3UA provides a seamless operation of MTP-3 – User peers (ISUP, SCCP, TCAP and TUP) in both SS7 and IP domains. In an all IP network it operates in a point to point configuration, known as an IPSP (IP Signaling Point).

Specifically M3UA is used for interworking packet switched and circuit switched networks at the Signaling Gateway or Softswitch. Using M3UA, Signaling Gateways can be configured to function as an SS7 SEP (Signaling End Point) or STP (Signaling Transfer Point). Because of its inbuilt flexibility M3UA has been adopted by the 3G consortium as the standard for carrying SS7 over IP in 3G networks.

M3UA has many applications and alongside other SIGTRAN protocols, it can be used as a building block in a Softswitch, Signaling Gateway or Media Gateway Controller in the VoIP domain. Go to top of page